COVID-19 Update 9 – Fr Cyril Gorgy


Beloved Holy Resurrection Church family, Christ is Risen!

I miss you and am praying that you are spiritually and physically healthy. The church will continue to conduct the services that can be conducted virtually by using Zoom meetings. In the meantime, if you are a HRC congregant and in NEED of attending a Divine Liturgy and to partake of the Eucharist, please fill out this google form, and you will be notified of a date and time to attend a Divine Liturgy. Please submit a new request for each time you need to attend. General guidelines for partaking of the Eucharist are available here.

Due to social distancing recommendations, the attendance in each service will be limited to ONLY the families that are scheduled to attend. Please review these GENERAL GUIDELINES.

In the meantime, the rest of the church services will continue virtually.


HRC services:

  • Sunday Sermon will be available Sunday morning – visit HRC Website’s Media Page.
  • Confession, Visitation or Unction of sick, please click here to contact Fr Cyril.
  • Daily communal prayers at 8pm (at your home)



  • Elementary –  Invitation sent to parents

    • PreK-K: 11:30am
    • 1st-2nd: 12pm
    • 3rd-5th: 12pm
    Note to parents! We are starting something new this week and need your help to ensure that it goes smoothly. We will have a Zoom session with all 3 elementary classes for a verse and a fun demonstration. Then we will breakout into each individual class. We ask that you help us to do the following:
    – Make sure when entering the Zoom mtg you have your child’s name and grade
    – Your device is muted. Please have your child raise their hand if they have a question.
    – Change gallery view to “active user” this allows the children to focus on the lesson.

    – When asked to join a breakout room you click yes.
    – Please remind your child not to scribble on the screen or play in the chat room. 
  • Middle School –  12pm (meeting invitation sent to students)
  • High School –  12pm (meeting invitation sent to students)


Whether we’re at church or at home, may we always celebrate and rejoice in the life-giving mystery of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.  Missing you very much.


God bless you and protect you,

Fr. Cyril